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10 Steps to Preparing Your Home To Sell

June 1, 2010

Get prepared to sell and you will attract the most buyers and bring the highest price. Getting the house ready is a process that involves cleaning and maintenance as well as setting the stage which will attract a new buyer.

 A minimalist home may not be your personal style or preference, however, it is what you are going for if you want to attract interested buyers. Minimalist style is simple, uncluttered, inviting. Colors are muted. It is easy to clean. Read more about creating a minimalist home.

Follow these steps to prepare for a successful home sale:

  1. Let go. Make a plan for where you are going, look into financing, check out properties that you might buy or rent. When you are looking forward to moving on in your life, it will be easier to release your connection to your home.
  2. Toss. Get rid of the stuff that you are not going to move into your new home. If you get this task done before you list your house for sale it will result in a faster sale and an easier, less stressful move.
  3. Pack. Pack away personal items, bookkeeping items, and most decorative items in easy to move containers, arrange them neatly on basement or closet shelves, or if need be put them into storage. You will be that much closer to making a move, and your house will be more salable when buyers are not distracted by your treasures, and can concentrate on seeing themselves living in the space.
  4. Clean. Clean carpets, windows, kitchens and bathrooms, exterior.
  5. Repair and Paint. Take care of maintenance items, paint interior rooms to freshen, create a more ‘neutral’ color scheme. Paint any worn exterior surfaces.
  6. Put your best look forward.‘You only get 1 chance to make a good first impression.’ Give special attention to the front of your property,repair the sidewalk, trim the hedge, add some colorful annual flowers.
  7. Stage. Re-arrange furniture to show off the best features of the house, and/or to show how a room can be used. Remove and rearrange items on the walls, tables and shelves. Think in terms of 3 items on a table or counter. Remove items which will distract buyers from looking at the house.
  8. Freshen. Eliminate smells from animals, smoke, food, and mold, as well as from cleaning products, scented candles and incense,.  The way your house smells will influence a potential buyer’s reaction to your house in ways that even they may not recognize, the wrong smell can cost you a sale.
  9. Get the pets out-of-the-way. Potential buyers will not necessarily love your favorite dog, beloved kitty, or pet python, some will be afraid, others will be allergic. Make a plan for getting pets out of the house, or into crates when buyers are viewing your house.
  10. Lighten-Up. Remove heavy drapes, open curtains and blinds and let the outside light in, turn on lights.
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