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How to Celebrate the 4th in NW Philly

July 3, 2010

Looking for a way to celebrate the 4th of July?  NW Philly offers events at historic sites where you can enjoy the day while visiting sites that existed in Revolutionary days.   

1. Bring your picnic and join in the ice cream making at Stenton (4601 N 18th St), site of the c. 1730 Georgian style country home of William Penn’s secretary, James Logan and one of the most authentic historic homes in America.   

Concord School House


 2.  Join the Ringing Out Freedom ceremony at the Concord School and Upper Burial Ground (6309 Germantown Ave) at 2 PM. The Concord School started in 1775, was the 1st English language school in Germantown and welcomed all students who could pay the tuition, including boy and girls, Black and White.  Revolutionary War Soldiers  buried in the Upper Burial Ground.   

3. Go across the street and tour the Johnson House (6306 Germantown Ave) built in 1768 and home to Abolitionist Quakers. In the 1850’s the Johnson House became a stop on the Underground Railroad, and is one of few Underground Railroad sites still in existence.    

Benjamin Chew Home In Germantown



4. Take a FREE tour of Cliveden (6401 Germantown Ave) site of the Battle of Germantown where George Washington confronted the British in 1777.  The home  built for Benjamin Chew remained in the Chew family until it became a National Historic Trust House in 1966.  The home has an outstanding collection furniture and paintings.   

Hood Cemetery


5. Tour the lovely Hood Cemetery (4901 Germantown Ave) situated on land set aside in 1692 as the Lower Burial Ground for settlers in Germantown.   

On Monday, Jul 5 visit Aces Museum (5301-3 Germantown Ave). Aces Museum is located Parker Hall an unofficial USO and entertainment venue for Black Soldiers during WWII.   

For event times and more information check out: Visit Historic Germantown – Freedom’s Backyard – Just Minutes from Philadelphia.   

Happy 4th!

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