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Historic Germantown – 6300 block of Germantown Ave

September 11, 2010

Historic Germantown in Northwest Philadelphia was laid out in 1681 as a single street village where property owners had their homes and their businesses together on one site. Within this district, 6300 block has long been a place where single family homes and small businesses exist side by side.

Land set aside in 1693Historic properties that are now museums include the Upper Burial Ground, set aside in 1693, the Concord School House established in 1775, as well as the Johnson House built in 1768 and served as a stop on the Underground Railroad in the 1850’s.Built in 1768   

Among the oldest surviving property at 6377 dating from 1749 built by Leonard Stoneburner. It has been restored and is presently a law office. Built for Leonard Stoneburner in 1749  

‘Pomona’ was built by Samuel Shoemaker in 1760. Colonel Thomas Forrest bought ‘Pomona’ in 1788. In 1890 the house was torn down and the land divided up for building lots along the present W Pomona St.

Several older homes from the 18th and 19th century survive among the 20th century storefront rows and modern commercial buildings.

The best known small businesses on the block include the Lucien Crump Art Gallery  in a modern 20th century building at the corner of Germantown Ave and Johnson St. and the Rib Crib which occupies on of the store front rows between Washington Ln and Duval St.

Undergoing renovationIn 2010 several of the older buildings are being renovated including 6316 which was sitting unoccupied for many years had is being renovated inside and out.

6371 has a new facade and renovated interior. A new childcare facility is scheduled to move in.

6379 has a newly renovated facade and a new tenant. 

Home of the Lucien Crump Gallery6376-80 home of the Lucien Crump Gallery has a new roof.

If you have information to share about this block, please post a comment. 

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