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Philadelphia Leaf Recycling 2010

November 15, 2010

One of the wonderful reasons for living in Northwest Philadelphia are the trees. They provide shade in summer and an amazing display of color in the fall. Then they drop their leaves on our gardens, in our roof gutters, and on our streets and sidewalks.  Removing the leave is a big project.

The Philadelphia Streets Department helps with leaf removal and recycling, but what they will and won’t do changes from year to year.

 Bagged Leaves I recently received an email from State Representative, Cherelle Parker, with the rules for this years leaf collection program. I am sharing the with you here.

The Philly Bagged Leaf Drive is under way and will continue through Dec. 17, 2010.  Bagged leaves WILL be collected citywide. No mechanical leaf collection will be offered. 

Here are the 2010 guidelines for bagged leaf collection: 

  • Leaves will ONLY be collected in biodegradable paper bags
  • Set leaf bags curbside on your trash collection day
  • Leaves in plastic trash bags will be collected as trash, not recycling
  • Do not mix trash or recyclables with bagged leaves
  • Use as many bags as needed (max weight per bag is 40 lbs.)
  • Bags may be purchased at most hardware or home improvement stores (The city Streets Department does NOT provide biodegradable bags)
  • No collection will occur on city holidays
  • Bagged leaves may also be taken to one of the following Sanitation Convenience Centers: 3033 S. 63rd St.; Domino Lane and Umbria Street; or State Road and Ashburner Street

I suggest that you think about creating your own leaf composting pile where ever possible. You will save 2 trips, one in the fall to buy bags, one in the spring to buy compost.   To create your own pile, you will need to create a barrier to keep the leaves from blowing around. You will need to remember that your leaf pile is not a place to put trash.   Although you can get fancier with your composting technique to speed up the process, that is about it. Heat and cold, rain and snow, plus some worms will turn your leaves into a lovely mulch. No bags, no cost, no travel.

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