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215 W Mount Pleasant Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19119  – 4+ bedroom townhouse in W Mt Airy – Sale Pending

6337 Sprague St, Philadelphia, PA 19138 – 2 bedroom single in E Mt Airy – Awbury Arboretum A

340 E Hortter St, Philadelphia, PA 19119 – 4 bedroom row in E Mt Airy- SOLD with 203K Financing

7564 Brockton Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19151– 3 bedroom row in Overbrook Park – SOLD short sale

6412 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19119 – 4 unit twin in W Mt Airy

105 E Washington Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19144– 3 unit single in Germantown

6116 Wister St, Philadelphia, PA 19138 – vacant lot, C2 zoning in E Germantown

Kathleen Sheridan lists properties in Philadelphia, PA

Contact: for a complimentary Market Analysis for your property.









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